Dr. James is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in creating positive change.  Over the past year, she has provided me with unique insights that have had a major impact on my decision-making.  Dr. James' advice and guidance is always timely, objective and spot-on.  With her help, I've been able to radically change my outlook, and am now on the path to a new career and a better life.

Jeremy Yagle,

Graduate Student in Applied Mathematics.

The BIGGEST STUMBLING BLOCK to dreams and joy is......

​                     Stinkin'



Dr. James Helps Individuals
To achieve their dreams
to be all they can be

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Leslie C. James, Ph. D.
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Dr. Leslie C. James has a passion for maximizing the development of individual and team talent and improving overall organizational effectiveness.  She has worked with executives for over 20 years towards those goals.  She brings a broad knowledge of the behavioral sciences and a practical, systematic approach to her work. 

Her practice areas include executive/manager selection and development, individual and team performance enhancement, continuous improvement program development, design of training materials, and organizational change. 

She helps clients refine and test their new ideas before committing to making major changes.  She also consults with clients to help them improve how they devise measurements for ascertaining whether desired goals are being achieved.  

She has assisted small companies establish and refine internal systems and programs.  Often she serves as a safe place for an executive to brainstorm and get objective feedback without unintended consequences.  

She is currently focusing on teaching constructive conflict management behaviors and skills.  Proficiency in constructive conflict skills leads to stronger leadership, a more engaged workforce, better business decisions and improved bottom line. 

She has extensive experience serving utilities and also has worked with manufacturing, financial, advertising, and social service organizations.

We all have been trained and have lots of practice with negative self-talk....that becomes so automatic, we aren't even aware of it!!!  Those AutomaticNegativeThoughts have been call ANTS by others.  Those ANTS can be identified, immobolized and transformed into PLANTS - that Produce Lively Affirming & Nourishing Thoughts that support and encourage us!!

Dr. James uses a cognitive-behavioral approach along with a variety of other tools, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and imagery to create and maintain the changes. 
She is a catalyst for people to:
   - turn information into transformation - which requires a plan, action and reinforcement
    - identify the barriers to achieving their goals and finding ways to overcome or transmute those barriers
    - clarify their goals  and create a vivid picture of what they want in their lives
    - assess their strengths so they can be nurtured and developed
    - to identify areas in which investment or modification might be in order
    - to establish healthy habits

As a result, an individual can find and appreciate their own inner beauty and strength!  They live in joy and gratitude!!


After my wife passed away, I was getting lonely and wanted to find someone to spend time with who had similar interests.  Dr. James helped me find my courage and supported me in my efforts to try new things and meet new people.  I now have an active life doing things I'd only DREAMED of for years!  I also have numerous new acquaintances including a special someone!!  Dr. James has been such a positive influence in helping me to transform my life.

Jim S., Retired Engineer



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