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Illness                                                  Absence of Symptoms                                               Welness


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Think of health as a crescendo....

If I'm not sick, then I'm WELL!  Right?

Wellllllllllllllllllll, not really.  Clearly if one has symptoms, sh/he is sick - ill.  Healing the symptoms makes one get over being sick, But that doesn't makes one WELL. 

WELLNESS has to do with the presence of positive factors such as vitality, excitement, joy, fulfilling relationships, and self-actualization (in Maslow’s terminology).

WELLNESS has 3 major legs or wheels......mind-body-spirit. 
Think of a wheel is physical/body  ..... one wheel is mind/emotions/ wheel is spirit/gratitude/connection to the Divine

The tricycle moves smoothly and easily and even FAST if all wheels are properly inflated.
But how easy is it if one wheel is flat?  or two wheels?  or all three wheels?  How far can you get?

People who focus only on the physical/body wheel - exercise - eat right....but largely ignore the other 2 wheels - get very upset when they get sick....they just don't understand.

Also think about the environment in which you are it raining? Snowing? Storming?  Sunny? Crowded?.........Is it Hot? cold? Ozone alert day?....Are you peddling alone?  With friends? Working to outrun pursuers?​

Wellness Assessment

How Fit Are You???

Download this App.....see how inflated your tires are. Check the environment you are pedaling in.  See where there are areas where you could amplify your health and wellness.  Then check the Tips page for some remedies, supports and solutions .

It has to do with recognizing one’s talents and intrinsic value and developing one’s best self.  It has to do with service of others and a sense of gratitude for everything one has.

If you are interested in choosing a WELLNESS ASSESSMENT and/or planning and support, please contact:

Leslie C. James, Ph. D.
(972) 599-2707