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Scientists, philosophers and motivational speakers have said this for many years!  The lens through we we look at the people determines our conclusions, how we feel about what we're viewing and determines what we do.  Often our lens is clouded, or outdated or incomplete.  Changing the filter can change everything!  It can eliminate barriers to our dreams and goals.  It can increase our energy and zest for life.  And since we radiate to others what we are feeling, it can change our impact on our world.

Dr. Leslie C. James offers alternative perspectives - so that you might reach your highest potential and live days full of joy, sense of accomplishment and connection to others!!


  • Individual Life-Style Coaching
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Perspective Expanding Tip!!

Rather than being anchored to your opinion/ in question!  Ask....I wonder if everyone sees it this way???  Then imagine another matter how don't have to believe it or agree with it....just imagine the possibility.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Dr. Leslie James is a masterful maximizer and creative catalyst!  She has a passion for Wellness, for finding the most efficient and simple ways to accomplish things and for expanding or shifting perspectives.  Her wide range of experiences and training has forged a unique perspective which enables her to assist others in realizing their dream, fulfilling their potential and finding joy in their lives.

For further information or to make an appointment, please contact:

Leslie C. James, Ph. D.
(972) 599-2707

What is a 'catalyst'?

                            ....a substance which causes or speeds up a chemical reaction without
                                      being changed itself by the reaction..

A human catalyst teaches, mentors, coaches, motivates, supports, encourages models, directs and guides as is needed.  Sometimes the catalyst functions purely as a mirror....but since we can't see our own backs - where secrets hie - having an effective mirror can be invaluable.

​I have found Dr. Leslie James to be skilled in listening, discerning and problem solving beyond what one would expect with her education and training.  She practices with a balance of kindheartedness and professionalism.  Because of Dr. James my life has been changed.  Not only has she guided me in making healthy food choices, she also has given me cooking lessons to make sure I sink my teeth into tasty dishes that are not destroyed through preparation.  Dr. James is my go-to-person when stress over takes me.  Her method of anchoring keeps me calm during life's storms.  I have been linked with Dr. James for almost ten year.  I'm healthier, calmer and happier for it.

Carolyn K. Knefely
Speaker, Etiquette Specialist and Career Coach